Who We Are

Who We Are


The Doe Run Company is a privately held, innovative natural resources company dedicated to responsible mining and metal production. Doe Run manages the lifecycle of lead in our Missouri mining, milling, metal production and recycling operations. We also provide metal fabrication through our Fabricated Products Inc. subsidiary in Arizona and Washington. Our exploration, research and development operations are active in North America.

Doe Run approaches business through the principles of sustainability. We make decisions by balancing social, environmental and economic responsibilities.

Guiding our decision-making are eight sustainability principles. We hold ourselves accountable to these principles in our annual Sustainability Report, which covers Missouri mining and metal production, as well as fabrication.

Our Vision:

To act as stewards of the minerals in our care, while providing premium services and products to people who share our belief in enhancing the quality of life.

Our Mission:

To provide our customers with a sustainable supply of select minerals, metals and services to meet the needs of a growing world.

Doe Run minerals and metals help deliver products that provide for medical and nuclear protective shielding, start-up power for vehicles, back-up power for hospitals and telecommunications, and alternative energy storage for hybrid vehicles, wind and solar power. Learn more about: