What We Do

Metal Products

A Leading Lead Metal Producer

As one of the world’s largest lead mining companies, The Doe Run Company provides customers with lead, zinc and copper concentrates, secondary lead metal, numerous custom alloys and a variety of fabricated metal products.

Doe Run produces premium lead products that comply with ISO 9001:2008 standards, a nationally and internationally recognized symbol of a company’s dedication to superior quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Doe Run Product Line

  • Concentrates
    • Lead (Pb) 
    • Zinc (Zn) 
    • Copper (Cu)  
  • Finished products in 1-ton blocks, 100-pound ingots and 60-pound ingots (Dimensions)
  • Doe Run produces an array of common and specialty lead alloys, including combinations of:    
    Doe Run produces premium lead metal and alloys
    • antimony
    • calcium
    • copper
    • tin
    • silver
    • selenium 
    • other specialty lead products and lead processing byproducts, such as:    
      • Cold-rolled lead strip        
      • Billets

Customer Service

To place an order or inquire about an existing order, please call (800) 356-3786.

Fabricated Products Inc. Product Line

Fabricated Products Inc. (FPI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Doe Run, creates finished products at its locations in Vancouver, Wash., and at Seafab Metals Company in Casa Grande, Ariz.

  • FPI in Vancouver produces lead oxide used in lead-acid batteries and lead billets for ammunition. Three ball mils are used to tumble large chunks of lead, creating heat and friction that oxidizes the lead into smaller pieces. Customer orders dictate the size and density of the resulting lead oxide.
  • Seafab Metals Company, a division of FPI, uses three techniques — rolling, extruding and casting — to create fully-customized materials from Doe Run’s primary and secondary lead. Products include:
    • Sheet lead in rolls and cuts for roofing and electrowinning
    • Shielding to protect healthcare professionals, patients and air travelers from radiation
    • Lead wire, pipe and anodes
    • Ultra-high integrity lead castings of up to 500,000 pounds for spent nuclear fuel transportation and storage

FPI Customer Service 

To place an order or inquire about an existing order at FPI or Seafab, please call (800) 426-7082.