What We Do

Mineral Exploration

Mineral exploration applies knowledge and technology to search for metallic minerals. The Doe Run Company is specifically focused on metal exploration for copper, zinc and lead.

Our exploration team consists of geologists, metallurgists, mineral process specialists, mine engineers and business management professionals, who are dedicated to the discovery, evaluation and acquisition of base metal resources.

Doe Run’s mineral exploration team focuses on several specific deposit types: Mississippi Valley Type (MVT); Carbonate Hosted; Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide (VMS); and Sedimentary Exhalative (SEDEX). Our efforts target the United States and Canada.

The flagship mining operation of Doe Run, the Viburnum Trend, is a world-class mineral deposit. Since 1994, Doe Run has discovered an estimated 75 million tons of additional minable mineral resources. Since going into production in 1960, an excess of 300 million tons of ore from the Viburnum Trend has been processed. Doe Run and its predecessors have operated in Missouri since 1864 and have mined over 500 million tons of ore during this time, including ore from the Viburnum Trend.

Exploration Submittals


While Doe Run maintains significant mineral reserves, our commitment to growth through the development of mineral resources results in the continuous mineral exploration and evaluation of many different properties. If you have a project or mineral property that you feel may be of interest to Doe Run, please contact us at exploration@doerun.com.

Land Management

Doe Run owns or leases 120,000 acres of land in southeast Missouri, including land within Mark Twain National Forest. Throughout the mineral exploration process, Doe Run works closely with both state and federal agencies to ensure the efficient mining and protection of resources, including water and land, and the plants and animals living there.

Timber/Forest Management

Doe Run actively manages timber resources on land owned by the company. The company employs a degreed forester who uses timber management systems to keep forests located on Doe Run land healthy. Each year, several thousands of seedling trees are planted to reforest harvested land.