Our Commitments

Supporting Our Communities

We believe strong communities propel sustainable business. That’s why The Doe Run Company is proud to provide community support.


Under the guidance of Professor Stewart Gillies, Missouri S&T students use a rotating vane anemometer, provided by Doe Run, in the experimental mine in Rolla. Photo Credit: Sam O'Keefe/Missouri S&T
  • Doe Run funds specific initiatives at the Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T), the alma mater of many Doe Run employees. Recently, Doe Run donated a total of $250,000 in two separate donations to help fund the construction of a new mine building at Missouri S&T to help educate future industry leaders.
  • Doe Run regularly supports Missouri S&T and Mineral Area College students with scholarships in engineering, chemistry, geology, mining or geosciences. The company awards more than $10,000 worth of scholarships annually. Doe Run also offers internship programs to give students first-hand experience in engineering, structural geology, chemistry, environmental management, health and safety, human resources, public relations and information technology.
  • Doe Run professionals often provide time and expertise to support local schools. Company support includes teaching minerals education, supporting local science fairs, donating school supplies and improving recreational facilities. 



  • Doe Run has donated a total of $74,500 to the development of the Iron County Hospital since the facility opened in 2007.  

Local Infrastructure

  • In 2009, Doe Run donated the right-of-way section of the new M.R. & B.T. Railway Memorial Bridge in Herculaneum for city use. The bridge diverts plant traffic away from residential streets and encourages future economic development along the riverfront. Doe Run also has donated nearly $400,000 toward two feasibility studies for a proposed Jefferson County port. The project may provide an estimated 2,000 jobs to the region.


  • Doe Run’s operations generate more than $1 billion annually to Missouri’s economy.
  • Doe Run partners with its local vendors to create a more sustainable supply chain. In 2014, Doe Run invested $229 million in supplier spending. Of that total, Doe Run spent 47 percent, over $100 million, in Missouri alone, marking a 17 percent increase in the past five years.
  • Doe Run worked in collaboration with Missouri Enterprise to launch a supplier scouting program in 2014 to improve how efficiently and reliably it could source critical equipment parts and supplies from local businesses that meet their needs and quality standards.