Minerals & Metals

Minerals and Metals

As a leading U.S.-based mineral exploration and base metals mining company, The Doe Run Company plays an important role in providing services and products that are vital to our modern lifestyle. We believe it is important that the public understands how integral the products of metals and mining companies are to our everyday lives.

For example:

Lead provides shielding for medical applications including radiation and nuclear medicine treatments.
  • The average American will require 45,557 pounds of minerals, including 903 pounds. of lead, in a lifetime. Lead enables people to drive cars, operate medical devices, construct buildings and make calls on cell phones.
  • According to the National Mining Association, the U.S. Department of Defense uses more than 750,000 tons of minerals (and 88,464 tons of lead) annually to build and operate airplanes, missiles, lasers, radar systems and communication systems. 
  • Mineral exploration and mining create products that allow us to advance technology, propel our economy and secure our country.

Doe Run partners with Missouri Minerals Education Foundation to provide minerals education for elementary and middle school teachers. We actively support a number of industry associations to champion research and other educational initiatives related to metals and mining.