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Alex Sellers of Doe Run’s Resource Recycling Facility Honored with Missouri Community Betterment Leadership Award

BOSS, Mo. (Nov. 16, 2016) — Alex Sellers loves his hometown of Salem, Missouri, so much that he not only chose to make it his lifelong residence, but also helped launch an effort to make it a better place to live and raise a family. His efforts were recently recognized when he was named the winner of the Missouri Community Betterment (MCB) Adult Leadership Award.

Sellers returned to his hometown in 2014, and joined The Doe Run Company's (Doe Run) Resource Recycling facility in 2016. During that time, he started having conversations with others about how to improve the community. That dialogue grew into The Salem Initiative in 2015, which now consists of several interest groups that range from tourism to technology.  

Some of the projects completed by The Salem Initiative include organizing and implementing Career Day at the local high school, starting a scholarship fund for high school graduates, and improving the city park. The group also helped organize Salem Senior High School’s first annual alumni weekend, and is a partner organization in the Growth in the Rural Ozarks program.

“I’m honored to receive this award because it is tangible recognition that real progress is being made in Salem,” said Sellers. “I’m proud to be a small part of it, but in reality, there are a lot of great people and organizations doing significant, important work in Salem.”

According to the Salem Chapter of MCB, which nominated him for the award, Sellers possesses a pioneering vision and the determination to take action for the betterment of Salem.

“He refuses to be like others who have come up with ideas, but don’t have the initiative or drive to follow through,” stated the chapter’s award nomination letter. “Alex will continue to move mountains and leave the world a better place.”

Sellers leads both the economic development and education interest groups for The Salem Initiative and is the president of its nonprofit board. In addition to his work on The Salem Initiative, Sellers also joined the Dent County Community Foundation Board of Directors, and has been involved with the Salem R-80 School Foundation and the Alumni Association.

Sellers was raised in Salem and attended Salem Senior High School. He received a bachelor’s in civil engineering and a master’s in engineering management from Missouri University of Science and Technology. He currently works as a safety analyst at Doe Run’s Resource Recycling facility.

“Alex brings the same commitment and enthusiasm that warranted the MCB Adult Leadership Award to his job here at Doe Run,” said Bruce Chamberlain, operations manager of Doe Run’s Metals Division, which includes Resource Recycling. “His enthusiasm and efforts as a safety analyst at Doe Run help us to keep workplace safety in the forefront of our operations.”

The Resource Recycling facility is one of the world’s largest single-site lead recycling centers where more than 13.5 million lead-acid batteries and other lead-containing products are recycled annually.

Sellers gives much of the credit for his ability to be so involved in the community to his wife, Natalie (Howard) Sellers, also a native of Salem. “I share this award with my wife, who is not only extremely supportive of everything I do, but also involved in almost every civic activity I participate in and has several other activities that she leads as well,” said Sellers.

“My hope for Salem is that the community will continue to work together to improve economic and social opportunities for current and future residents, so that future generations will have the chance to be successful, raise a family and make a great life here.”

The Missouri Community Betterment Awards Banquet is an integral part of the MCB program, which is administered by the Missouri Community Betterment Educational Fund. MCBEF is a not-for-profit organization made up of businesses, public utilities, community representatives, federal and state agencies, and individuals. From 2008-2015, MCB communities poured more than $420 million back into their local economies through their community development projects.

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