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“Essential Energy Everyday” Campaign Website Launch Demonstrates Lead’s Vitality

The International Lead Association (ILA) and Battery Council International (BCI) recently launched the “Essential Energy Everyday” website to build awareness of the importance of lead, specifically lead batteries, which are critical to powering our society.

Through the website, consumers can learn more about the important role lead batteries play in powering vehicles and backup generators, and storing solar and wind energy. The website also demonstrates how lead batteries support essential medical, aviation and security functions throughout our communities.

The “Essential Energy Everyday” website is part of a larger campaign aimed at educating and informing key audiences, including policymakers and other influencers, about the importance of lead batteries as a safe and sustainable energy source.

The Doe Run Company is a member of the ILA and BCI. Doe Run recycles approximately 13.5 million lead batteries a year, processing lead metal and other battery components for future reuse. In the U.S., lead batteries are the most recycled consumer product with a recycle rate of 99 percent.

Learn more about why lead batteries are vital to our daily lives by visiting the “Essential Energy Every Day” campaign website here