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Good Neighbors

Hear from the dedicated people behind the companies that make up the lead battery manufacturing and recycling industries, and their commitment to being good neighbors, in the new "Good Neighbors" video produced by Essential Energy Everyday.

Doe Run Celebrates 150 Years

In March of 2014 The Doe Run Company celebrates its 150th anniversary. Join past and present Doe Run employees as they share their insights into the company's history, innovations, safety milestones, exploration and stewardship. CEO Jerry Pyatt also shares insight on the company's past, and discusses the bright future for Doe Run.


Here more from CEO Jerry Pyatt and Doe Run employees in these "Miners' Moments."

Doe Run on the Discovery Channel

As an industry leader, The Doe Run Company is often recognized for our operational excellence, innovative practices and safety performance. Below are links to various videos featuring Doe Run’s best practices on the Discovery Channel™ as well as other outlets.

Discovery Channel features company in How Stuff Works

In February 2009, Doe Run's people and operations were featured in The Discovery Channel’s “How Stuff Works” series about the history and unique properties of lead. For information on local airings, visit

Mine Safety and Rescue

KTVI-TV in St. Louis featured Doe Run’s mine rescue teams in a Sept. 10, 2007 story on mine safety and rescue. The story, a local follow-up to the Utah mine tragedy, illustrates the determination and dedication of Doe Run’s mine rescue teams.

Doe Run equips its mine rescue team members, who practice nearly 100 hours a year, with high-tech gas meters and the latest in breathing devices; surprisingly, one of their most important tools is a low-tech horn they use to communicate with each other underground.

Doe Run in the News