Supplier Information

The Doe Run Company relies on various suppliers of raw materials, as well as vendors, distributors and other service providers to operate our business efficiently. Standardized supplier practices help us foster mutually beneficial relationships with these suppliers, reduce risk to our business and customers, and help us operate sustainably.

                                The Doe Run Company
                                Attn: Sherry Jordan
                                Purchasing Manager 
                                P.O. Box 500
                                Viburnum, MO 65566
                                (573) 244-8675 Phone
                                (573) 244-8165 Fax

Frequently Asked Questions from Suppliers

  1. What does it mean to be an approved Doe Run supplier?

    All suppliers to Doe Run must be approved to provide the required material, equipment or services at minimum risk to Doe Run, taking into account price, quality, terms and conditions, delivery performance, and ethical practices. Suppliers must be set up in our system in order to be paid.

  2. How is Doe Run’s supplier performance measured?

    Suppliers are required to maintain a 96 percent on-time delivery and order fill rate. Suppliers that fail to maintain an acceptable rating will be removed from the supplier list.  
  3. How will I know if I am awarded an order?

    The purchase order constitutes the agreement between the supplier and Doe Run, and becomes a legal contract. The purchase order gives the supplier authority to ship and invoice the ordered items to Doe Run. If a negotiated contract is attached to the purchase order, the contract becomes the legal agreement between both parties. Suppliers should not ship materials without first receiving a purchase order.
  4. Can we provide Doe Run with more than one email address for orders?

    No. Our system is set up to accept only one email address.