Mine Tour Information

Touring Doe Run’s Mines in Missouri

Doe Run’s lead mines in Missouri reach as deep as 1,250 feet underground. Four of the company’s mines — Buick, Brushy Creek, Casteel and Fletcher — are interconnected by 21 miles of roadway and hundreds of side roads. Typically a pleasant 65 degrees, the mines are rocky and damp, and feature glittering rock faces and dramatic rock pillars.

Doe Run opens its mines in Missouri to the public and offers tours during Viburnum’s annual Old Miners’ Day Celebration. Visit our community events page for more information on Old Miner’s Day.

Doe Run also offers a limited number of educational tours of the Southeast Missouri Mining and Milling Division upon special request. If you are interested in touring one of our facilities, please email Dana Hale, mining assistant, at for information. Please include:

  • Name, email and phone number for group contact person
  • Company name, group name or affiliation
  • Date of desired visit
  • Purpose of the tour
  • Number of individuals in your group
  • Special arrangements (if needed)

We ask that all tour participants be at least 16 years of age. Doe Run will provide all safety equipment.