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The mining industry expects to add more than 11,000 jobs each year for the next two decades to meet the needs of growing global demand. As a dynamic and global leader in the lead mining and metal industry, The Doe Run Company is focused on preparing the next generation of leaders in sustainable mining, metal production and recycling.

At Doe Run, we empower our employees with tools and training to excel and contribute to company growth. For example:

Doe Run Team Members

  • Variable Pay rewards employees for strong performance. Everyone from the CEO to hourly support staff can increase their pay with performance metrics that have real-world impact on business results.
  • Environmental Stewardship Workshops leverage the shared expertise and input of all our employees to evaluate and improve current practices companywide. Employee recommendations help to improve everything from sustainable mining practices and lean processes to recycling efforts and waste reduction.
  • Employees shape Doe Run’s future through participation in committees responsible for identifying cost-savings practices, improving safety, providing oversight of our benefits programs, developing policies such as our sustainability principles, and much more.

Doe Run invests not only in the performance of our employees, but also in their safety. Employees undergo an annual average of more than 15,000 hours of safety training. Our Behavior Based Safety Program reinforces safety practices through one-on-one coaching and collaboration. Best practices like these have earned Doe Run more than 27 Sentinels of Safety awards in company history.

In addition, our employees work with the knowledge that their work provides materials needed to power our cars, back up our communications channels and shield hospital workers and patients from radiation. Metals also power our economy. Locally, mining contributed $659 million to the Missouri Gross Domestic Product in 2012.

Visit our job listings to learn more about sustainable mining job opportunities and internships.

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